Freyberg Hinkle Ashland Powers & Stowell, s.c.
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Accounting and Auditing

Accounting and Auditing Services

Freyberg Hinkle Ashland Powers & Stowell, SC’s accounting and auditing services are based upon an understanding of your financial information needs.  We continually develop our understanding of your accounting system so that we can assist you in achieving efficient collection, processing and reporting of meaningful financial and operating information.  The firm offers a full selection of accounting and auditing services which include: 

  • Performing opinion audits 
  •  Reviewing and compiling financial statements 
  •  Developing forecasts and projections 
  •  Evaluating accounting systems and controls 
  •  Conducting special-purpose audits and reviews 
  •  Performing financial analyses

We service large and small businesses in industries such as construction, manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing, hotels, service firms, not-for-profit and employee benefit plans.  To help these businesses grow, the professionals at Freyberg Hinkle Ashland Powers & Stowell, SC expand upon the traditional role of accountant and auditor to focus on the broader issues of business success.