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Financing Services

Many businesses are in need of outside funds to provide financial resources for the continuation or expansion of operations.  This includes equity and short and long term debt.  Freyberg Hinkle Ashland Powers & Stowell, SC can assist you. 

  • Deciding whether financing is needed 
  • Deciding how much financing is needed 
  • Deciding what type of financing should be obtained and from what particular sources 
  • Preparing a financing proposal for submission to a potential provider of financing 
  • Negotiating the financing with a potential provider

The need for the funds may suggest the appropriate source to pursue and the financing terms to seek.  It may be necessary to prepare prospective financial information to estimate financing needs.  Repayment of loans is an important consideration in deciding on the best form of financing.  The major considerations regarding repayment are whether the asset to be acquired will provide enough cash to repay a loan needed to acquire it and how long the repayment period will be.

At Freyberg Hinkle Ashland Powers & Stowell, SC, we possess the skills needed to obtain the appropriate financing under the circumstances involved.