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Personal Financial Planning

Personal Financial Planning

Our approach to personal financial planning is to discuss your current concerns, identify areas requiring attention, propose solutions and assist in the implementation.  At Freyberg Hinkle Ashland Powers & Stowell, SC, we provide you with unbiased recommendations in all aspects of personal financial planning.

  • Income Tax Planning

Complex, ever-changing tax laws impact all of us.  Our tax department has the resources and expertise necessary to meet the demands of a changing tax law environment.  We can recommend innovative ways to minimize your taxes by using the tax law to your advantage. 

  • Estate Planning

The savings from implementing a comprehensive estate plan can be substantial.  We can recommend various estate planning ideas, such as the establishment of trusts tailored to your needs or making proper elections under Wisconsin’s  Marital Property Act.  We can also provide objective analyses to determine how much life insurance you need and what type of policy is appropriate. 

  • Retirement Planning 

Planning for your retirement is a three step process: 

  1. Estimating retirement income needs 
  2. Estimating financial resources that will be available to meet your income needs 
  3. Developing a plan to make up the “shortfall”, if any, as determined in steps one and two

The establishment of systematic plan will help you achieve meaningful progress toward accumulating retirement funds.